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Sunny was really Sonny, and no one knew that until s/he crowed.

The gregarious speckled hen, new resident at the Catskill Animal Sanctuary, charmed everyone with her sweet nature and desire for human company. “What a lovely girl,” everyone cooed. And then she crowed.

Once again, humans were shown the door when it comes to certainty of superiority. Granted, sex is often hard to determine, especially when cloaked in feathers. So perhaps our lesson should be to withhold judgment until the friend, feathered or not, reveals his/her true identity. That could solve a lot of problems. (especially when dating)

Or, you could look at this lesson in humility another way: Life is always interesting, always exciting, and never predictable.

I spent the morning in an interesting and exciting way: I began my volunteer work at a local dairy goat farm. I asked to begin my helping by learning about the animals. I was offered a few options, but I chose to muck out the barn, reasoning: If I spend the morning in this way, and go home still feeling fondly towards goats, I may be on to something.

My clothes and shoes were certainly on to something (that only the hose and an “extra rinse” in the washer could correct). In fact, as I left the farm I realized that I would need clean clothes, but didn’t want to trek through the house to select them. I texted my husband:

“INCOMING! Please bring clean jeans and shirt downstairs for me?”

Life is unpredictable? It is indeed. I mucked out a barn and I did leave happy and eager for next week. Thank goodness for these lively times. (Details to come!)


A whistling woman and a crowing hen, Are neither fit for God nor men.

A whistling woman and a crowing hen are two of the unluckiest things under the sun.

A whistling wife and a crowing hen, Will call the old gentleman out of his den.

Whistling girls and crowing hens, Always come to some bad end.

A whistling wife and a crowing hen, Will come to God, but God knows when.

A whistling girl and a crowing hen can drive the devil out of his den.

A whistling woman and a crowing hen will always come to no good end.

— Variations on one point of view, all anonymous

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